Sunday, October 18, 2009

Features 1.5

Because of some comments in the Android Market, I'll give you a short description of the features:

* Animated Beer Mate
* Simple count up by touching the mate
* Little vibration on button touch
* Menu count down and reset to zero
* Activity Log: max. log entries 50; Activity menu for erase log
* Shows the time of last touch
* Calculate the total price based on the price per unit
* Select different currency symbols
* Connectable to your Twitter Account
* Free twitter text for the actions: Count Up, Count Down, New Session
* Show the twitter bird to show that the Beer Counter twitter your counts
* Touch the bird to temporaly switch off twittering
* Log your coarse location for each count and show it in the activity log
* Use the Speech Interface to tell the current count ( removed )
* Show a map with count of beer per location
* Implement Gestures ( removed )
* Languages: English, German

Coming up features:

* Integrate a press reminder
* Possibility to count more than one kind of beer

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