Friday, January 22, 2010

Beer Counter - Back to 1.5

After I detected some people talking about "Beer Counter", that they cannot find it on the Market, because I set the minimum Android Version to 1.6, I decided to reduce the functionality of the "Beer Counter" to work with 1.5 again.
That is in detail:

* no gestures
* no text to speech

I will put that back, if mostly all phones are updated to 1.6 or higher.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Count It Multi

Hi All,
Joshua, wrote a comment in Market Place on 31.12.2009 that he also wants multiple counters and he is willing to pay for that. Ok, I'm working on a multiple counter solution, but I will not put it in for money.
Instead of that, I will create a donation project that all the people can buy if they want. Another way would be an adverting version that shows ads on the bottom or top of the screen.
Comments are welcome!