Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beer Counter 1.5.5

Sorry, a small mistake. The Beer Counter hasn't switched in power save display mode. Now it works again.

Count It - Update

A small update for the Count It Widget. You can now configure that the widget vibrate on touch.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beer Counter 1.5.4

Heee, you cannot read the current count?
Beer Counter can now tell you the count.
Try this out. On the settings screen you can switch it on.
If it not works, send me a mail.

This feature only works on 1.6 and upper.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Count It - Version 1.0

Ok, this is the first post for the "Count It" app. After some problems with the picture crop now "Count It" is back and works. As a new feature you can set the picture of the button, too.
Enjoy the new "Count It"!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beer Counter goes version 1.5

All right, most of the comming up features are implemented. A new video is on work to show you the map feature.

* Animated Beer Mate
* Simple count up by touching the mate
* Little vibration on button touch
* Menu count down and reset to zero
* Activity Log: max. log entries 50; Activity menu for erase log
* Shows the time of last touch
* Calculate the total price based on the price per unit
* Select different currency symbols
* Connectable to your Twitter Account
* Free twitter text for the actions: Count Up, Count Down, New Session
* Show the twitter bird to show that the Beer Counter twitter your counts
* Touch the bird to temporally switch off twittering
* Log your coarse location for each count and show it in the activity log
* Show a map with count of beer per location
* Implement Gestures: wipe on the post-it to decrease count
* Languages: English, German

Coming up features:

* Use the Speech Interface to tell the current count
* Integrate a press reminder