Sunday, October 18, 2009

Features 1.5

Because of some comments in the Android Market, I'll give you a short description of the features:

* Animated Beer Mate
* Simple count up by touching the mate
* Little vibration on button touch
* Menu count down and reset to zero
* Activity Log: max. log entries 50; Activity menu for erase log
* Shows the time of last touch
* Calculate the total price based on the price per unit
* Select different currency symbols
* Connectable to your Twitter Account
* Free twitter text for the actions: Count Up, Count Down, New Session
* Show the twitter bird to show that the Beer Counter twitter your counts
* Touch the bird to temporaly switch off twittering
* Log your coarse location for each count and show it in the activity log
* Use the Speech Interface to tell the current count ( removed )
* Show a map with count of beer per location
* Implement Gestures ( removed )
* Languages: English, German

Coming up features:

* Integrate a press reminder
* Possibility to count more than one kind of beer

Versioin 1.4.3

I implemented some new layout animations.
So, during the start you see the new small layout animations.
Enjoy ...

Video Version 1.4

Screenshots 1.4

Friday, October 16, 2009

Beer Counter V1.4.1

Ok, I found the error in the code and now the Beer Counter works pretty well!
Feel free to inform me about problems, if you can reproduce them.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Version 1.4.0

Yesterday I published the new version of the Beer Counter.
To my own fault, that version is not bug free.

So this morning I took the current version from the market palce.
I will publish a bug fix as soon as possible.