Sunday, July 18, 2010

Count IT

A small update to count it.
First, there was an issue with the selection of pictures. These feature doesn't worked on Nexus One 2.2. The other thing is the reset of the widegets from the main application. There is a new menu entry to reset all widgets to there initial value.

Actual feature list:
  • Make new long press option menu entries to add/subtract the value from the current counter to/from the other
  • Make a history or logging that track the activities on the counter(s).
  • A widget to count down. (DONE)
  • A widget that count between two numbers. Automatic reset to the start value if you reach the top value.
  • Reset all widgets from the main app. (DONE)
  • Count up and down in the main app with the volume hardware keys (configurable).